Back to the Basics

I have always loved being infront of the camera, be it on photos or videos. But sometimes, I like tinkering behind the camera, too, coz I love being able to direct and making the shots.

When I started doing street photography in 2005, I only had a Canon point-and-shoot camera. Having a DSLR camera didn't matter to me back then. Why? Because I was happy and satisfied with the photos and videos that my camera took.

When my Canon camera broke down in 2009, I was lucky enough that a friend of mine gave me his almost-new Panasonic Lumix camera, who was upgrading to a higher model. And that camera has taken lots of photos and played a big role in my videos until now. It's a perfect rugged travel camera and it can take HD videos. But it still lacked the features that I wanted.

Now that I've got the Nikon D7000, I'm very excited to shoot with it with all the cool features that it has. But there's a bit of a problem. I'm quite having an information overload with tinkering on its buttons. I've been reading the manual for a few days now and reading lots of tips and tricks online. And I am yet to do my serious video project. I'm also testing hubby's different lenses on it. As for now, I'll stick with the Nikkor 50mm 1.8 D lens.

But I need to read more... now if you'll excuse me... (",)

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