Looking for talented solo performers

I'm helping out a friend who manages a series of clubs here in China. He wants to find talented Filipino singers, both male and female, to perform in his club. The artists should have experience in performing as solo artists. It would even be better if the artist is used to performing in his/her own entertaining shows. The artist should have good moral character and should have excellent PR skills. And I must reiterate that this is only for SOLO singers.

There will be a screening/audition for interested parties which will be held next week in Manila. My friend will be the one who will do that. If you're interested or you know somebody who is interested, please relay this post to them. Or for more details, you can send me an email or submit your profile, photos, and video links to: saritacarreon AT gmail DOT com.

If things go well, they will be signed for a minimum contract of 3 months which can be extended if both parties agree. Accommodation and food/transportation allowance provided. Since this is a rush booking, the artist must already have a valid passport.

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