The Secret

Some of you might have read the book, and others might have seen the documentary movie. I've done both. And I'm quite happy that during the past week, hubby Marl and I have helped few of our friends in opening up their minds to what The Secret really is.

I first saw the movie 3-4 years ago, during the time when my life was in turmoil and I was feeling helpless and miserable about everything. But after seeing the movie and started to "shift" my thoughts and emotions, I have seen dramatic changes in my life. Blessings have been pouring from every direction. Up until now. Because I know how The Secret works

I haven't seen the movie for more than a year. But when some of our friends slept over in our hotel, I just tried to dig in my archive to share the movie with them.

Then I just started sharing it again to people who need it, recently to my former schoolmate, actress Francine Prieto on Twitter. Goodluck on having The Secret in your life, girl! :-)

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Jay Ismail said...

have u read The Power.?..The Power teaches u how to use the secret..