My First Week of Bikram Yoga

My goal: To get get these abs back in a month on Twitpic
Taken in 2008
My on-and-off love affair with Pilates and yoga started in 2005. And I would always do it every time I need to tone up fast. As noted, I would lose 5 kilos in two weeks whenever I do my workout routine. My washboard abs back in 2008 was from my disciplined workouts of Pilates, yoga, 100 ab crunches, and sensible no-rice diet - every single day.

I've been wanting to try Bikram Yoga since it became a sensation to health buffs but never had the chance to do so. What is Bikram Yoga? Bikram Yoga, also known as Hot Yoga, is a series of yoga poses done in a heated room. A vigorous yoga session in a room at around 40 celsius degrees promotes profuse sweating and makes the body very warm, therefore more flexible.

Thanks to my Twitter friend, who is also my kumare, beautiful sexy actress Ara Mina who tweeted that she has been doing it. So I tweeted her to inquire and told her that I'd love to try it. She invited me on their next session and I gladly obliged. And here's the story behind my first week doing Bikram Yoga...

Ara Mina and I before our session
My First Bikram Class
We met at the Bikram studio in Greenhills last Sunday where other yogis were waiting. Most of the participants were Ara's non-showbiz friends and showbiz friends like Nikki Valdez and Bulacan Mayor Patrick Meneses. The special yoga class was led by our instructor named Al.

I thought it'd be easy for me to do the poses since I've been doing yoga on-and-off for the past years. But damn, given the hot situation and new poses, I found myself struggling with every pose. I was even confused why I had to put myself into that extreme pressure. I was asked to position near the door, just in case I wouldn't be able to take the heat.

We were asked to do 26 poses in that heated room, some easy but mostly complex ones. I must say that I was concentrating more to what the instructor was telling us to do because he was "slang". LOL. I could see their sweat dripping down from their chins and limbs, drenching their yoga outfits. But me? I felt just a slight drip of sweat on my face and my neck. In fact, after the workout, Ara Mina said she's frustrated that she didn't see me sweat as much as they did. But knowing myself who can sustain 4-hours of dancing every night onstage, I must admit that I'm a person who don't really sweat a lot... compared to others. But it was a great experience and I told Ara that I'd be delighted if she would invite me on their next sessions. I really loved it. :-)

My Second Bikram Class
Ara had been organizing another Bikram session as early as 2 days after my first session, but most of her friends aren't available. Then she texted me on Wednesday night to ask me if I'm available the next day after. We then met up at the studio in Greenhills again. This time, half of the participants were Ara's buddy Oselle's gym-mates and aside from Ara, another sexy celebrity who was there was Gwen Garci.

Because I didn't sweat much during my first Bikram session, Ara had me positioned at the hottest part of room where I felt 'alone' coz no one would dare go there. LOL. Now that I'm quite acquainted with most of the poses, I was more concentrating on each pose, striving harder to execute them properly this time. Then I understood more about my body. I realized that I have to work harder on doing the poses with my knees locked - which I was having a hard time doing because I would often lose my balance when I lock my knees. And I promise myself that I'd do better and work harder in my future sessions.

BIT THANKS TO ARA MINA... Mare, thank you so much for introducing me to Bikram Yoga... now I'm addicted!!! See you next session! :)

And here are our photos (click on the photos to enlarge them)

Ninang Ara Mina and her goddaughter Selena 
Before my first Bikram class with my yoga mates :)
Before our yoga class
All in place... I'm positioned near the red door next to Mayor Pat
Ara does a sexy pose as we goofed around. Look at Nikki! :-)
After my 1st yoga class... everyone's exhausted and drenched, except me :)
Before my second Bikram yoga class with
my yoga mates and instructor Al :)
After my second yoga class... we're all drenched out ---- SUCCESS! Hahaha!
With Oselle, Ara Mina, and instructor Al
Me. Ara Mina and Gwen Garci 
Yaya Welyn, me, Ara Mina, Gwen Garci, and Oselle
Ex-That's Entertainment members Marlo Silverio & Ara Mina
(Ara, I will show you a pic of you two taken sooo many years ago, LOL)
Marlo Silverio & Ara Mina back in mid 90s
As promised Ara, here is the photo that I told you about.
Almost the same pose as you did above, di ba? Hahaha! :)


trish said...

saring, you should be an underarm deodorant endorser :P ehem, ang cute lang ng instructor nyo huh, got distracted with him as i read along, di ako tuloy makarelate! lol

~*.*~ SaRiTa ~*.*~ said...

thanks mareng trish! :) naku, johnson's baby powder lang ako pwede endorser. kasi nung bata pa ko, sa sobrang frustration ng nanay ko na paputiin ako, lagi akong punong-puno ng powder from forehead to toe! hahaha!

what's so funny was, nakasalubong ko sya sa baba ng building with his shirt on. di ko sya narecognize agad. kasi i'm used to seeing him without his shirt on hahahahha!

trish said...

uh-oh! now crazy scenes are playin' in my head! *evil grin* hahaha!!