Firsts in months

During our Sunday lunch at Vantt Gallery and Cafe
Today, I have done quite a few things that I haven't done in... say, months.

Hubby and I hit the 798 Art Zone of Beijing this morning to do out photoshoot in months, or should rather be referred to as our first photoshoot in Beijing this time around. The last shoot we had was in still in Manila last November 2010. And since it was already cold when arrived in Beijing, we never dared to do the a shoot outdoors - not even indoors. This morning's shoot was actually impromptu as hubby only expressed about it last night. Time was too short to gather and buy what I need for the shoot so I just tried to dig on my suitcase here and make do with what I have in there.

Yesterday, weather forecast said it would be around 17C today. I thought, "Just nice!". But when we woke up from an hour sleep this morning , there was no sun hence a gloomy weather and worst, the temperature dropped to 4C. Too late to back out so we went on with the shoot anyway with lots of complaints from me because I would freeze every time a strong chilly wind would pass us by.

One of the firsts that I had in months, too, was having a Coke and coffee during lunch at the cozy Vantt Gallery and Cafe. And I'm quite proud of myself that I have gotten over my "addiction" with those stuff. I'm not crazy about it anymore nor do I rave about it. I guess it's a good riddance, eh?

Hubby enjoying his new Steve McCurry photography book :)

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