A tweet from the North Pole

Who says Christmas socks are still in and Santa hasn't caught up with the technology?! Here's Santa C with a twittername @cybersanta, replying my wishful tweet to have an iPad2 in spring. I swear I would have died of heart attack and would have run the streets of Beijing screaming with tears of joy had I gotten a note from Santa C. like this when I was kid. Why was it so difficult to get to him back then? Oh, blame it on Mr. Postman. 

On the other hand, I think that tweet from Santa C. was a little creepy. Maybe he meant he's watching me right now and he's liking what he sees and because of that I'd get an iPad2? Maybe it's time to check on some holes, cracks, or hidden cameras here in our hotel room. LOL. Oh, Santa, you're way too hi-tech than me. Unbelievable.

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