Hard disk horror

I have been a computer geek since I started designing websites in 1997. And just like most geeks, with that amount of time of 13 years - I have accumulated tons and tons of different kinds of files.

As I'd always say, "if you want to look back at my past, browse on my files". And I have collected 6 external hard disks through out these years. My recent purchase was a couple of 500GB hard disks last year. And one of them is having a hiccup or a failure recently. I know it hasn't "died" on me yet because I don't hear clicking sounds of death at all and it still powers up and spins when I plug it into my Mac OS X. But it just couldn't be detected on Mac - not even in the Disk Utility. What a bummer!

However, I have tried connecting it to my virtual PC via VMWare and although it doesn't show in My Computer, it does show up under the Device Manager.

AHHH... A ray of hope!!! That means, I still have hope to retrieve and backup all the files inside it, particularly those one year worth of good memories. Because this non-working hard disk contains all photos and videos that I took during the past year. And thousands of other files. Boo.

Aside from the percussive technique or "technical tapping" it (which I already did) and putting it inside a freezer (which I am yet to do), I would really appreciate any inputs or suggestions on how to revive my files from the disk. Please?!

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