The 2010 Highlights

It was beautifully done. Cannot be undone. Thank you, 2010!
This wonderful year is setting back in the horizon to give way to another fabulous year and another decade to come. And now is the best time to look back on the beautiful things that have happened during the past year and decade. Of course, it's the last day of the year 2010 and the last day of the first decade of the 2nd millennium.

The year 2010 did start off with a big blast. It just got better and better, ands is now ending with still, a major blast. Let's take a look at the highlights of my year 2010. Time to count our blessings...
  • LIBRODIZED I remember when I first met the master of portraiture, Manny Librodo. Marl attended his photography workshop in Cebu for the first time in January 2010 and I had a chance to meet him after the workshop. I've been a fan of his work for years and meeting him was the highlight of our month-long holiday then - I was indeed Librodized. But what I didn't know was it indeed embarked something beautiful. I became one his models, along with the beautiful British-Thai model-cum-actress Krystal Vee, on his 2 workshops in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and a friendship evolved thereafter. He again asked me to be one of the models for his workshops in Manila and Cebu, along with his other muse Kharunisia Jazmin. We're thankful for the opportunities that he has given me and Marl and for the friendship he has unselfishly offered to us.
  • YAHOO! FOR ME I was featured on the homepage of Yahoo! Philippines, not only once, but twice in a row. Somehow, the video of me singing a Michael Jackson medley and doing the moonwalk in my long gown and high heels was recognized by Yahoo! And a week after that, they featured me again with a video of me doing my Michael Jackson impersonation back in 2008 - with a flying shoe! Yahoooooo indeed! :)
  • SABAT Following my Yahoo! features, I was interviewed by people. And it was the most hilarious interview I've ever had. Crazy, if I may add.
  • BEAUTY ENDORSEMENT Being the spokesperson and endorser for Dr. Taize Gold Sheep Placenta Plus is one of the great things that happened to me this year. Why not? It's a great health and beauty product of Malaysia to endorse. And I swear by it  - I'm taking the capsules. Lots of their local celebrities use it, too.
  • MAGAZINE FEATURES I had an opportunity to meet the people at BluInc Group, the biggest publisher of magazines in Malaysia, and from then on, they had asked to pose for them. One was a full page beauty spread and another was on the cover of their 50th year anniversary edition - both for Her World magazine, one of the famous magazines in Malaysia. Then, MYBatik magazine in KL featured me as their model draped in nothing but, uhmm, batik cloths - all 11 pages of it!
  • CERTIFIED MAKEUP ARTIST I was so happy when I finally got my certificate all the way from Toni&Guy London after waiting for 9 long months after taking up a makeup course with Toni&Guy Essensuals under the supervision of celebrity makeup artist, Cheryl Cabanos.
  • LITTLE SUPERSTAR Who wouldn't be proud of your own child if she's as good as our little princessette? She has already won singing competitions in her school but joining and ending up as one of the top 5 contenders for Filipino Superstar in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia sure proved everyone that she has the X-Factor! :)
  • BILLBOARD AD Marl and I graced the big billboards (and lightboxes) for shopping mall in Shah Alam, Malaysia called SpaceU8. Yes, Badeedadee Marl is also a model. FYI. :)
  • SUCCESSFUL CHARITY SHOW I was blessed to be given an opportunity to perform for the Filipino community in my first-ever solo show in KL that was co-organized by the Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur for the National Cancer Society Malaysia. It also helped my former colleague Aretha in raising funds for her pancreatic tumor surgery (which was successful).
  • MY EYE & I I know you've heard me rant about my recent pink eye drama here on my site, on Facebook and on Twitter. I think there's just something with me and my eye this year. Especially when I accidentally hit it with a microphone in February! LOL.
  • FUNSHOOTS As I have mentioned above, meeting Manny Librodo has opened a lot of opportunities for me to meet other creative mind alike and work with the finest through his photography workshops and fun photoshoots that were organized by mostly his students in his workshops. My portfolio couldn't even keep up! Salamat talaga, Sir Manny!
  • PLACES AND FACES I've been to lots of places in Philippines this year aside from the usual Manila/Cebu route - all for the sake of photography. Along with that, I've worked with sooo many talented and creative people from makeup artists, stylists, designers, models, and photographers like Jim Paredes. And yes, I have gained lots of new friends - in real life. But yes, I also met lots of new friends on Twitter and Facebook this year. LOL.
  • CATWALKED I have had offers to do different events as a model since I went back to Manila in August but I only agreed to do it with Wella Professionals on 3 different occasions: Wella SP Launching, Decoré Launching (where I started the show while posing on an descending escalator), and the biggest international hair event of the year, Hair Asia 2010.
  • WEEEE FOR BADEEDADEE Marl has become quite known in his passion which is photography. His recent works show the great improvement that this year has brought him. If you haven't seen his work yet, better 'like' it now.
  • HUMBLE ABODE We have finally moved in to our condo unit in Mandaluyong City which we have been renting out to our good tenants for 5 years. It's not the posh kind that I have always dreamed of but it's a sweet happy place that I can call home.
There you go. Did I miss anything? No, I didn't forget the other things that were less satisfactory than good. I just thought that they should rather be labeled as "lessons to learn from". To those who've been part of our 2010, THANK YOU. Your presence in our life was not a coincidence. We were meant to meet you to know what our purpose-driven life has in store for us.

Trust me, there were lots of other great things that happened to me this year. It was so unbelievable that it's as if lady luck was on my side. And I can feel the energy and the positive vibes of the coming year 2011. But for now, let's count all these blessings. Let's continue sharing our blessings, love, peace, and harmony to everyone we know. 


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