Stung by Aedes mosquitoes

Last weekend, Marl had couple of photo shoots with two clients/friends. And being the other half of his team, I did my work as a makeup artist, lighting assistant, and creative director. Saturday shoot with Lara at the Lake Garden went on smoothly. The Sunday shoot at the Titiwangsa Park with my former co-singer, Arlyn aka Christy, was fun, too. But there was only a hassle for someone who loves to wear shorts like me - a lot of mosquitoes!

So as I was assisting the shoot, I kept on slapping my legs and even managed to be the murderer-in-charge of 5 poor mosquitoes. I even remarked that the mosquitoes look so "foreign" as they have white streaks all over. Anyway, the shoot went on and a day has already passed. Yes, a day has passed before I noticed the mosquito bites again because they became unbearably itchy that I couldn't sleep properly.

I became suspicious so I googled "black and white mosquito". To my horror, they turned out to be the dengue-carrier Aedes mosquitoes!!! OMG!!!!!! I remember reading about this kind of mosquito but I honestly didn't know how they look like. And... DENGUE?!!! Oh wow, I thought I was already dying! LOL. But luckily, I didn't get any hint of having a fever at all - thank God! With my further research, I found out that these mosquitoes are also called "Asian tiger mosquitoes" and if the mosquito bites get itchy, it's far from being infected with dengue. I don't know if that's true but yeah, that should be enough to make my heartbeat and blood pressure go back to normal again. :)

So anyway, this is a warning to all my friends out there - always bring a mosquito repellent when you go outdoors. It's better to be safe than to be sorry. Take care y'all!

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