The Unexpected Dance

It was a typical Wednesday night last night. We started off with kick because the people that were there for dinner looked eager to listen to our music. First and second set went on smoothly.

By the third set, things were starting to heat up onstage musicality wise. There was this group of guys infront of me who were enjoying themselves drinking and watching us. When Marl sang "Sway" by Michael Bublé, he asked me to dance with one of the guys infront of me. "Hmmm, well they look harmless", I thought so I went down from the stage and pulled one of the guys - a French man - towards the dancefloor. To my delight, he could dance and lead swing very well. And my band knows how I love dancing swing and salsa with dancers or who can lead very well.

He then showed off some complicated yet fun arm-twisting moves with the turns, much to the audience's delight. I was enjoying the moves and dance. Until he lifted me up in the air and swung me up, side, up, side - forgot which direction I went to. Hahahaha! I know it was only for maybe 3 seconds but it felt like I was in a rollercoaster ride because my initial reaction was to SCREEEEAM and hold on to him tightly. LOL. I couldn't even remember how the dance ended and the best part was I couldn't even remember which part of him I did grab. Hahaha! I think it's his belt or something. Hahaha!

However, I'm so glad that I didn't end up on ceiling or on top of someone else's table. LOL. Oh well, so much for pulling people to dance. This was my nth time to pull undercover dancers who danced me off my feet. I guess the next time I dance with somebody, I have to ask him first... "Are you French?". :-)

At least I'm glad that I wasn't wearing a dress or skirt or else...


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