The show must go on

The show must go on. That's what I always say to myself - no matter what, no matter how. Even if I'm having a bad day, even if I'm not feeling well - you can always see the same energy level in me every night. Performing is my life. And no one can take that away from me.

But sometimes things can get pretty out of hand when I'm onstage. Just like what happened to me last night while I was doing my dance routine for the song "Jai Ho". I accidentally hit my microphone right on my left eye! OUCH! There was a loud thump on the speakers when it happened that left my band mates and guests wondering what the hell happened. I tried to conceal and pretended nothing happened, though I must admit that I saw some twinkling stars. LOL.

Then the vision on my left eye blurred & had a light stinging pain, thought it was my contact lens getting out of my eye. But then I realized it was the blood dripping from the cut on my eyelid that was made by my microphone. Oh no! The sight of blood on the tissues made me weak in the knees. But we're just halfway through our third set. As soon as we finished the set, I ran to my friends Kuya Terry & Ate Mel who helped "cure" my eye. Thank you, Kuya!

The last set went on smoothly as if nothing happened but when we were done with the show for the night, instead of getting worried about the crisscross cuts on my eyelid, Marl and I laughed about the half-strip of the eyelashes that I lost. That only proved that the impact was so hard that half of my eye's lashes got pulled off!

The highlight was when I told Marl that I lost a strip of my eyelashes, while looking up close to it with a shocked look on his face, he asked me, "where did it go?!?". LOL.

The show must go on. And so it did.

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