My current addiction: Kinder Bueno

I've always dropped in and out of different addictions when it comes to food. I have a sweet tooth and most of the food that I'd be addicted to are mostly chocolates or something that has to do with chocolates. And my recent addiction is Kinder Bueno. Not other Kinders, just the Bueno. Love the wafer-y munch on every bite of it. Yummmm...

But as much as I love it right now, I know I need to drop out of it soon. I have a few modeling stuff to do very soon. I hope that my addiction will be transferred to being a health buff again.

And speaking of that, it just struck me that I haven't worked out for more than a month already. Oh no!


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Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with your addiction to this!! I have the same addiction love!

Mr. Meeting =)