Makeup experiment... Twilight-y!

I want to learn the right makeup for different looks during photo shoots. Though I've been painting my own face for 15 years now, I know I still have much more to learn on makeup artistry. Makeup on photo shoots is different from stage, television, day time and evening makeup. I'm willing to attend makeup workshops and lessons to further enhance my skill on makeup artistry.

And now Marl and I are taking on this road together hand in hand, he with his photography and I with my makeup artistry. If you must know, Marl has been having late nights researching on photography stuff - spending time and money just to learn more on photography. He's really getting serious in his new found part-time profession.

But it's starting to pay off because he has done a great job on my recent photo shoot which I'd like to call TWILIGHT-Y. LOL. I was experimenting on my makeup after our gig at 4 o'clock in the morning and so I asked Marl to shoot me right away. I also used my hair in a creative way.

Anyway, since the photos are not yet in a Flickr set, here are the individual links of the Twilight-y set - filled with comments from other photo enthusiasts & great photographers:

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