Chinese herbal cough syrup

I was down with a cough and high fever two weeks ago. I thought it's just but normal to be sick these days because of the weather. I just drank lots of water and used the remaining Panadols I have with me from KL. Although the fever only stayed for two days, the cough stayed on for almost two weeks now. I have faith in water therapy and so I was stubborn enough not to consult a doctor.

But the coughing worsened after being out in the cold Happy Valley amusement park with friends the whole day last Sunday. So after two weeks, finally I went for a consultation.

The doctor prescribed a herbal cough syrup that is really effective. After my first shot of it, I felt better and my breathing improved. And after a day of taking it, I felt a lot better. I still have two more days to take it.

So if any of you guys are in China and having stubborn cough, just look for this Chinese herbal medicine from any pharmacy. Then you can thank me, too, later. Get well soon!

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