Another fun off day

My off day started out quite early. I had a wonderful lunch with my good friend, Wayne, at the French fine dining restaurant of Shang KL, La Fite. I enjoyed lunch even though I'm not really used to eating lunch.

Our good friend Aziq picked us up from the hotel. He and Marl had a good time following the GPS navigation feature on Marl's HTC phone. Aziq has got the new Nokia phone, I forgot the model, but it was made of carbon. Through the help of Marl's GPS handy unit, we were able to reach the Gleneagle's Hospital to visit Mel who just had appendectomy.

After the long fun visit to Mel, we went to Pavilion to buy Selena a book that she saw in KLCC a few days ago. But we didn't see it and she wanted to go KLCC instead. And so we went to Kinokuniya and got her the book. We had dinner afterwards.

On the way back to the hotel, we decided to stop by the Impiana Hotel to check out our friends who are performing the Oswego bar, Danny & Imee. The bar is surprisingly cozy, though very small. We all had a great time.

Though my feet were already aching (coz I've been wearing a 3-inch pumps the whole day! LOL), I still enjoyed walking back to the hotel with Selena sitting on Marl's shoulders. I love that moment. Makes me feel fulfilled.

When we got back to the hotel, Selena was so excited to do the activities from her new book. I even helped her make a friendship bracelet, which is about 1/8 done. LOL. Tried to watch the movie Bedtime Stories, but my Princessette slept right after the movie began. I finished it. Guess I'll have a great story to tell her tomorrow!

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