A new addition to my addiction

One of the great things that I love about Malaysia is their variety of food, not only local type but also international types. I have always been addicted to Auntie Anne's Pretzels during our previous trips here and I even bragged about eating 3 almond pretzels in 1 sitting. So, on this trip, I was quite disappointed when I learned that some of the Auntie Anne's kiosk/shops that I used to frequent before (on the 3rd floor of KLCC & entrance of Low Yat Plaza) are now replaced by other shops.

So you can imagine the big disappointment when I saw a new donut shop in Low Yat Plaza where my old fave shop was situated before. I was thinking that nothing can ever replace my all-time-fave "Philippine-Taste" Dunkin Donuts - believe me, our Dunkin Donuts in the Philippines are much tastier than all the Dunkin Donuts I've tasted in Asia.

But, on second thought, this new shop - Big Apple Donuts & Coffee - kinda reminded me of the "Gonuts Donuts" craze that swept Manila few years ago. They have the "tasty" selection and a very tempting way to display the donuts. I, myself, was trying hard not to overly drool over them as I was choosing which flavor I should try. To my surprise, I almost screamed, "Oh my God!" after I had a bite. I immediately bought a whole box of 12 donuts - yes, just for myself! LOL

Check out the website of Big Apple Donuts.

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