Excuse me, I'm NOT pregnant!

The paranoia about the "pregnant issue" has started when the year 2009 began. Why? I don't have a freaking idea. It was only Marl and I who knew at first that I missed my period in December. Then when we went back to the Philippines, I just had a gush of blood coming out of me. My periods are sometimes irregular so that's considered normal.

But right after that, almost everyone I'd meet would ask me or even call me if I were pregnant. Then the paranoia started.

When I arrived in KL, my boss asked me whether I was pregnant. The staff at Shangri-La KL were asking me whether if I had a boob job or if I was pregnant. Couple of my friends phoned and asked me when am I planning to get pregnant. When I fell a little bit ill, some people joked about it that it was because of "morning sickness". And my little girl constantly asks me, "When am I gonna have a baby sister?".

After testing for 3 consecutive weeks - out of paranoia - I can now say that I'm NOT pregnant at all. Not that I don't or didn't want to get pregnant. But being in the beginning of the contract in a place I love so well, it would be an uwelcoming thought to even think about it.

But one thing is for sure. Like what happened when I conceived my little baby girl 10 years ago, when it's there, I'd be more than glad to accept it. Because it has its reason why it would grow inside your body. The whole being of that little man and what it will become, will all depend upon my hands. So, IF and WHEN I get pregnant, you will all know for sure because I will shout it to the world!

To those who have helped cause it and for letting me spend on different accurate home pregnancy tests, thank you! :-)

The paranoia ends right here and then.

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