Jalan-jalan, makan-makan

It was an enjoyable time for me today. Marl and I woke up before 3PM, moderated PMN a bit then caught the Monorail to Bukit Bintang to start our "jalan-jalan". Marl took some short clips of me as we strolled along Bukit Bintang. We went to Sungei Wang, Times Square, Lot10 and somewhere I've never been to - The Pavilion.

Had lots of fun especially when I saw the Mecca in my eyes - an Apple Center called Epi Center where I also found a Valentine's gift for Marl. Not a biggie thing, just a small thingy! I invented stinginess, remember? LOL

I also tried the J.Co Donuts & Coffee which I was told, a better donut shop than my fave Big Apple Donuts & Coffee. But the verdict from the horse's mouth: I'm now a CERTIFIED patron of the latter. Nothing would beat Big Apple when it comes to donuts in Malaysia.

Ending the day by watching a Filipino movie called "Italy" while finishing a Haagen Dazs mocha pint in bed. It has really been a wonderful day. Loved it!

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