"No shopping" - Whaaaat?!?

As much as I would love to shop here at Incheon International Airport, I kinda refrain myself so I could save all the shopping experience for KL. Anyway, KL is the place to be when it comes to shopping. Yeah I miss Sungei Wang, Low Yat Plaza, Midvalley Mall and my fave hangout, KLCC.

All I bought here today was my fave MdDonald's cheeseburger meal. No fish fillet for Marl because unfortunately, they don't have fish fillet burger at the McD here at the airport. So poor Marl, he had to share the fries with me. LOL

Yeah, tempting to go to the electronics shop but aside from Yepp and Samsung, everything is pretty much the same with the things I saw at the Computer City in Qingdao.

Still have an hour more before boarding time and Marl is dozing away in Napland. Worse than me, he didn't have enough rest during the past few days. I can't wait to board the plane so I could take a rest, too. My eyes are really sleepy. The coffee is not working. Not working.

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