Annyong Haseyooo!

Greetings from Seoul!

We're at Incheon International Airport transiting from Qingdao to Cebu. Our flight to Cebu is in 6 hours time so that means, we'll reach Cebu by midnight. Arggggh! A day wasted from traveling alone! That leaves us 9 more days for our vacation.

The last few days in Qingdao have been pretty hectic yet exciting. From New Year's Eve which was a huge party success until our last night performance on the 3rd of January. After that, we got busy assisting the new band, 3rd Sense. We also needed to wait for our passports so we could terminate our DSL connection. We sent 3 more boxes via post straight to Kuala Lumpur so we wouldn't have to bring them with us on our flights to Cebu-Manila-KL.

I'm very excited about this vacation since we're going to meet our fellow PMNers in Cebu and Manila for an EB! Yeyyyyyy! Anyway, let me look for some coffee...

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