My daughter is a singer (with videos!)

Last month, I've posted something about my daughter Selena when she won the second place in her school's singing competition. Of course, a proud momma blogging here! Anyway, last Saturday, I got overly excited when the VCD of her performance reached Qingdao, through the kindness of my friend Pamela's mom, Tita Alicia.

I cried when I saw her on the video which we played on Jboy's computer after work. I can't believe that she can sing and perform like that. Simply because when she's with us, she's the daughter of her singing parents. She gets intimidated by us, maybe. In fact, she would often say that she's the no.1 fan of Mommy and Daddy.

I feel so proud of her and at the same time, I could actually feel what she was feeling at that time. Maybe because I'm the mom.

This is her first ever attempt to sing in public, much more to compete in a singing contest. And though she was never trained formally in any music or performance school, she won the second place. It's a natural talent in her, well, what can you expect? But my mom trained her the way my mom trained me when I was young. I kinda reminded my mom though, not to be hard on my daughter. But I'm letting my mom do her thing because I know she can bring out the best in my daughter Selena. Anyway, she's the one who "raised" my daughter.

I'm planning to enroll her for proper training, though. I mean, my daughter, not my mom. LOL.

Here is Selena singing "To Love You More" by Celine Dion for the semi-finals:
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And here is her Grand Finals performance of "And I'm Telling You" from the movie Dreamgirls:
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Anonymous said...

Definitely her mother's daughter! Fantastic singing for someone so young. Can certainly understand why you are so proud of her ;-) Hope to c u in KL! Cheers, Dev