Bruised lee on pole (dancing)

They have finally installed the much-awaited pole in Qbar. Yes, we already have a dance pole and I get to try it for the first time yesterday! I've never been to any pole dancing class but I have tried climbing up a pole before - a cheerleading stunt - but it wasn't qualified as pole dancing. It was more like pole climbing. LOL.

So anyway, yesterday afternoon, I was invited to judge for the hotel staff singing competition. I couldn't wait till the contest was finished because I wanted to try the pole before going back home to prepare for work. So I did. With my leggings and boots. I managed to go round and round - on the base of the pole. LOL. I was like a kid riding my favorite ride while screaming "weeeeeeee!". LOL. Then I tried the seating position in the middle of the pole, much to the amazement of the staff. So I thought, "hmmm, that was easy!" then gave it another shot. Our manager pushed me way up - yes, literally pushed me way up to the pole. Reaching 2 feet below the ceiling, I couldn't let go of my hands, arms and legs from the pole that I actually looked like a monkey grabbing the branch of the tree! Hahaha! Yes, a monkey slipping down the pole. LOL.

So Marl and I had an early dinner at home so that we could go to the bar early so I could try the pole with more skin contact. I was quite successful in doing the seating position several times, the first trick that I know! I tried to do the other tricks but since my midsection is not strong enough (yes, I haven't been working out intensively for almost 2 years now and, yes, I stopped doing my yoga and Pilates - again!), I couldn't lift my legs up to the pole. I tried and tried, until my ams grew tired and muscles went sore.

When we got home, I checked my arms - no bruises. I checked my legs - a lot of tender spots, and painful, too! My legs are bruised! I'm bruised-lee bruised. And I know they will turn blue/black tomorrow. Will update y'all! Thanks for tuning in.

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