Torch Relay in Qingdao

Did you know that I live just 3 minutes walk to Dong Hai Lu, where the most part of the Olympic Torch Parade had taken place this morning? I really don't know how it went because I was dozing my head off to slumberland at that time. LOL. I know it's historical and I have missed a part of the history.

But even if I managed to drag my butt off the bed and even if I had to insist to have a glimpse of it, I wouldn't have succeeded. I heard that they have strict policies for this event. Only invited people for certain companies are allowed and if your house is along the street where it would pass by, you should draw back your curtains and/or close your windows.

Last night at around 7PM, when we were on the way to work, we saw that they have installed some metal bars on the sides of the road. First we wondered if they were mini ledges or raisers for people to sit on (that was Marl's idea). But I didn't quite agree with that. Later on as we drove past the empty metal bars, we then realized that they were for the red streamers or banners. On each banner, it was written, "Beijing Olympics 2008" along with the sponsors Lenova, Coca-Cola, Samsung, etc.

On the way back from work, the streets seemed very empty as they try to reinforce some police or soldiers to secure the road. We're tad lucky that we were able to go home without rerouting.

I can't wait to see some photos of it. Or maybe just see it on their local TV.

Hey it's my off today! Haha! Starbucks, here I cooooooome...

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