Foot Massage and Huolong Kidney Treatment

Marl and I have been regular clients at Hai Yi Foot Massage Health Clubhouse for weeks now. We're very satisfied with their foot massage priced between RMB 50-70/hour, depending on the oil and bath salt you want when you're soaking your feet before the massage. We also love their private rooms which are really clean and their service staff who are very polite. Marl was always given a masseuse and I was always given a masseur. It's okay, we're both in the same room anyway.
I have always been experimental when it comes to new things and things that people are scared about. And I've been seeing this Huo Long Kidney Treatment on their brochure. And since I had kidney problem in the past, I thought I might give this one a try. But I got a bit chicken-shit about it since the image suggested that a masseur/masseuse will apply not only heat, but real fire, on the back. The masseuse on the pic looked like ironing a flaming cloth. But then I thought, "If I have braved acupuncture and cupping last year, them I'm gonna have to brave this one, too!".

So, after our foot massage in a private room on the third floor where we would always have our massage, we were then redirected to the fourth floor where they have private rooms with massage tables. Marl was having the normal body massage priced at RMB 68/70 minutes, and I, the "braver" one, decided to have the Huo Long Kidney Treatment for RMB 88/50 minutes.

The first 30 minutes of my treatment, which was the massage phase, was so relaxing. I can actually admit that it's one of the best massages I have ever had (if you've given me a massage before, please, no hard feelings! LOL). Then after the massage, my masseur took some hot and ice cold towels, alternately putting it on my back. I was really nervous at that time because of the "flaming back" that I saw on the brochure. I then felt a very hot sensation and Marl, on the other massage bed, informed me that my back was already in flames! He took out my camera from my bag, see my pics on the left. Honestly, I didn't feel anything at all! No pain, no burning feeling, nada! 

Hmmm... glad it was over... but... wait, that was just the first attempt! What the?!? My masseur just placed back the towels on my back again. This time I was pretty much excited because I didn't feel anything during the first round. But hell, I felt the heat and I was shouting "Hot! Hot!" while Marl took another pic. He said that the flames were bigger this time (though it might not look as it is on the pic). And I must admit that I was scared that it might have burned my back or something because I felt a slight burning sensation. I must have felt it this time because the coldness of the towels were already gone. But to my surprise, I felt really relieved and relaxed afterwards.

After trying out the acupuncture and Ventosa cupping massage last year, I'm adding this Huolong Kidney Treatment to my list of recommended therapies or treatments. 

HaiYiXin Foot Massage Health Clubhouse is located at 78 Xiang Gang Zhong Road, Qingdao. Reservation numbers (0532) 85936878 or 85936898.
PS: I have tried masseurs #88 and #86 - both are very good. Marl's favorite masseuse is #52. We got a tip that #33 is a good masseuse, too. Everyone there is very friendly.

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