Happy Birthday, Princessette Selena!

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(below is an excerpt from SaritaOnlineToo recent Blog post)


She's now 8 and I have only celebrated her birthday with her on this very special day - ONCE! :-(

My little princessette has been used to this setup - us being away on her birthday. Since her birthday is just two days ahead of me (do I have to shout it out?! LOL), I have always faced what I call the "birthday blues". As a mother, I feel really bad not being with her on her special day. But I always try to compensate for the past years to let her fly to KL (where we would usually be at this time - not this year though) and pamper her.

What did we do last year??? Oh, after our stint from Shangri-La Mactan, we went back to Manila for 3 days and we went ice skating for "our" birthdays at SM Mall of Asia.

This year is different.

I'm planning to have a party at home on next Saturday, Oct 6, and invite all her cousins and friends. I want to make that HER day.

I hope next year, I will be able to celebrate her birthday with her again!

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