Cold and wet

It's already June and  it's supposed to be warmer in Qingdao by now. But it's been raining almost every day, especially last Monday when it rained some ice particles which I'd like to classify as tiny hails, They were not snow flakes - they're bigger and more solid than that. And I guess a lot of people didn't realize that because it seemed like it's only Marlou and me who had experienced it. It's like the heavens do some random search and said, "Hmmm... what do we have here in Qingdao? Oh, those two looks really busy on the computers, let's catch their attention!", then started throwing those tiny hails on us.

It has become colder since then. Not only that, the fog even at noontime is very bad. Damn, I can't wait for it to be summer. I miss my tan!

Every Thursday at work is a different experience for us. There was a Thursday when there were drunks as early as our first set. There was a Thursday when the bar was filled with American guys who preferred to listen to Elvis Presley songs. There was a Thursday when nobody would listen. And there's a Thursday like tonight, when we made people danced all night effortlessly. I mean, they were dancing to any tune that we played. But still, my favorite day is Wednesday. I'm a lady and Wednesday is always an excuse for girls like me to have fun! LOL.

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