Being who and what I am, I receive lots of complements and hear nice things about me every single day, from friends, from strangers in the market or shopping malls or even online. But mostly of course, at work. People perceived lots of things about me and I appreciate it no matter what it is. But what surprised me was the complement I got from a friend last night. He told me that he has been to my website and have seen the comments and guestbook entries and he said that he totally disagree with all those stuff. Having watched me every single night for the entire week, he said there's only one word that can describe how I am when I'm onstage - FREE. And he's right. It is exactly the way I feel when I'm onstage. It's like a different world out there that gives me a certain authority to do what I want. Irregardless of their positions in their company or in society, for one moment there, they'd be overpowered. And it feels really good. And I'm humbled by that fact. Thanks again, buddy!

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