Backpost: The last blow at Shangri-La KL

Backpost for March 31 2007, Saturday...

Got a call at 7:30PM. My friends Melanie and her family were already in the lounge that early so they can get some seats. Apparently, they were told that the lounge was fully booked and every table is reserved. It was our last night performance.

I wasn’t in my element. First my hair didn’t come out right after setting it up as I would usually curl it. It really affects me when I don’t feel like myself when I perform. Therefore during the 3rd set, I just tied it up in a low ponytail. There were lots of people but only few of our really regular guests were there. I mean, there were not too many of our regular guests who I was expecting to come. But at least, our closest friends were there to support us on our last night.

I hate goodbyes, who doesn't? During our last set, I was so positive that it will be an emotional moment for me. I was jolly the whole night except during our last songs. As usual, the songs "Leaving On A Jetplane" and "Time To Say Goodbye" were the sure top-charters in racing down the tears from my eyes.

We stayed in the lounge, chatting with friends until 2AM. It was a very good night indeed. I'm gonna miss everyone. The staff, the regular guests, our very supportive friends, the repetitive requests. Most of all, I'm gonna miss the stage - the "performance" stage - because I think it will always be removed when maybe, one day, we come back to KL again. Who knows when?

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