Backpost: Send-off

It was also the last evening with Selena and I guess I don't have to reiterate how a mother feels to be away from her child. And more so, how my daughter actually feels. I could feel how she was feeling then. She didn't want to close her eyes as she's scared that she might wake up with us not there anymore. But still, I managed to tuck her for a nap at 3AM as I did my very last minute packing, errr, squeezing of stuff inside the already-full luggage. Woke her up at 5:30AM as we were leaving the hotel. Poor little child, she was so tired from a very long day and yet she was still enthusiastic to send us off to the airport.

Nanay Susana and Selena sent us off to the airport. I tried to make Selena laugh as much as possible to alleviate her feeling of sadness. Both of us sat on the trolley carts as we were pushed by Jan & Marl. Our friends Sarah (Peach Apple Tree), locals Yza, Azman & Hamidah were kind enough to send us off. It's so nice to have friends like them who really cared about us.

Thanks a lot, guys!!!

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