Custom hassles

I don't know why this blog from my iPaq didn't come out right...

We woke up at 9AM today to go to the Qingdao Customs. Remember when we sent our excess baggage unaccompanied? That was why we were at the Customs. Because they didn't want to release our bags. We spent the whole day, going through the legal (yet shortcut) process through the help of our assistant bar manager, Rebecca, who had to go through worse ordeal than us. All we did was sit around, burn our butts on the seats, catch a nap by turns and complain about the time we had to spend doing all these things. Whereas Rebecca had to go up and down the stairs to hand us the papers to sign, to wait for the officials, to negotiate properly, and to see to it that we were alright.

In the end, we still had to pay US$130 tax for our personal clothes, shoes, books, toiletries and personal effects. But at least, it's with us. Complete, with all my lingeries. After 8 hours of dreadful waiting. Thank God.

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Anonymous said...

"Lingeries" hmmm...perhaps thats why u had to pay US$130 and why u went thru all that hassale...maybe Chinese customs wanted to keep yr lingeries...did you wash them before they left KL