First night's over

Thank God, our first night's over! I cannot overstress how different it was before when we used to play at the BATS of Shangri-La Qingdao. This bar is definitely different. I like BATS better. I mean, the feeling of being in the BATS is overwhelming and wholesome.

Tonight, I was bothered by my dancing space on stage. I feel it's too small and a lot of cables running down the carpeted floor, therefore making it uneasy for me to flawlessly move about. And there was even one time when the tip of my heel went through the floor outlet!

The music is different, too. They like R&B and dance music here. There's a red table/ledge where I danced when I sang a Shakira song which was considered cool. I like to dance on the ledge but it's too slippery, too.

Anyway, the DJ in our bar is also from the Philippines, his name is Jiboy. He's the one helping us out with the sounds.

We will be going back to the apartment shortly... home sweet home...

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