Take back your money, dude!

It was indeed another great Thursday. Lounge was full, people were listening to our music and watching our performance. Halfway through our last set, a group of 3 men and a lady came and sat far from the stage, near the toilet. They called one of the waitresses, gave a note to be passed to Marl while we were singing which read:
"Merlo, I'll give you US$100, can you please stop singing?"
Now if I was the one who got it, I would have read it loud and clear to the listening crowd. I would have pointed to their table for people to know who they are.
I don't know what their purpose was in doing that. To me, it sounds more like an insult. I don't even care whether they're at the lounge to have a meeting. They know that there's a band playing and they don't even make the 4% of the people at the lounge who were enjoying our music.
Dude, your US$100 won't even be enough to pay for your own bill! So just take back your money and shove it up your a$$!


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA maybe US$100 was too much!

~*.*~ SaRiTa ~*.*~ said...

i wish!!! LOL