Bruised and unenergetic

It was a great night for Tueday, lounge was full. I wasn't in my element though. I felt like I had an indigestion and out of nowhere, my body felt so... ahmm out of control. I mean, for me to be able to move flawlessly, I have to control my body muscles for me to be execute each movement, however little. But tonight, I felt lethargic and a bit "drunk", though I didn't touch any alcohol at all. My eyes have been acting up, making me feel dizzy. Also there was a problem with my hearing. It was like having some water in my ears!
By the way, I noticed a big bruise on my inner right thigh, few inches from my groin. It's oval and measures approx. 1.5 x 2 inches. It shocked me as I couldn't remember something that hit me hard on Sunday or Monday on my thigh. By looking at it, it must have been a pretty hard hit. But it's not painful at all even if you press it hard. I am guessing I might have hit myself with my microphone as I always do. But this time, it might have been hard. In fact so hard, that I wasn't able to notice it! LOL Hope it's nothing serious or health related stuff.
I was talking to some friends tonight. Met a friend from Suria FM (Emran) and company. The Norwegian guys from October last year were also here and there was someone missing from the pack... Khalil, where are you?!?

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