Happy Birthday Kuya Edil!

Our "tatay" or father-musician which we all call Kuya Edil of Peach Apple Tree (P.A.T.) band has celebrated his _1st birthday. Just guess the first digit! LOL. The celebration was held in the spa/massage place in Concorde which was filled with visitors. Some of the band's friends have helped him cook the dishes. Even the wife of our agent, Ate Cherie, cooked for him. Didn't really enjoyed the party as I was and still am a bit vocally incapable. Talking too much is a big no-no for me recently. Joining the band wagon is Chona of P.A.T. She wasn't able to sing a single song during their performance, just like myself couple of weeks back! I think this "hoarseness" is a viral thing, aside from persistent coughing. It has now spread to the Shang staff. And I think I also got it from them! LOL.
Anyway, before I talk non-sense, let me greet Tatay Edil a Happy Happy 5_st birthday!!! (now you know the first digit! LOL).

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