Turning Vegetarian

Yes I am. Actually this is my 1st week-sary of being a vegetarian. So far, I've been practising being a goat or horse for a week now and I think I'm doing great. Eating mostly vegetables and fruits, I am satisfied that I still can take my addictive indulgences such as coffee and chocolates.
I'm not doing this because I want to lose weight. In fact, I miss my fleshy thighs and 5 kilo butt! LOL.
The reason why I decided to be a vegetarian is because I was convinced by Marl. Marl has been a TOTAL VEGAN for almost 2 months now and so far... he's still ahmm... talking. I thought that he would moo like a cow or me-eh-eh-eh like a goat after a month. Worst is if I'd wake up in the morning and see a horse lying beside me with some grass on its mouth!!! LOL.
Vegetarians take plant-based stuff and are still allowed to have dairy products, eggs and even fish and other seafood. Vegans are strict vegetarians who only eat plant-based stuff. No cheese, milk and egg at all. In short, they're not even like horses! So I guess Marl is safe. LOL.
Taking this challenging journey with us since Monday last week were Jan, Arlyn (my ex-co-singer) & Hafiz (her husband). But Arlyn failed last Saturday who was biting her finger from getting a piece of a chicken wing from Papa Jamal & Mama Siah's birthday party.
Wish me luck. I hope I can last...
Where the heck are my Ferrero Rocher's?!?!