Happy B-day Papa Jamal & Mama Siah!

It was a week-long preparation. Planning a surprise party is more taxing than a normal one. You've got to think of plan A & plan B. You've got to visualize what will happen. You've got to really surprise the person you wanted to surprise!

My ex-co-singer Arlyn sought my help for the party. I helped in planning and printing works while she took care of buying the things that we need. Jan helped us in decorating the birthday banner. Arlyn's brother Aries helped in manually pumping the balloons. Marl did his part by having our "adopted" parents' pic developed and shopped for a frame, too. Hafiz, Arlyn's husband, lend his hand as well.

We pre-arranged everything with the hotel: the food, the drinks and the private section where we will host the party. Their kids took the initiative to invite the friends of their parents. The staff also made their part for giving complimentary cakes and sparkling wines.

Everything was already set and the main purpose is to surprise Papa Jamal mostly who would turn 50. Mama Siah is couple years younger. And yes, they have their birthday on the same date! Seldom that you can find lasting couples like them who share the same birthday.

Guests came before 9PM and by the time Papa Jamal and Mama Siah came, it was 30 minutes later. They were surprised with the setup that the hotel prepared. So plan A came out just right. We've got another surprise for them, though. At midnight, we gathered their kids and all their "adopted" kids (like us) behind the stage to prepare the unexpected surprise. We had flowers, 3 cakes, gift and the big banner that we have made for them. Mama Siah was in tears when we were singing the birthday song for them. That gesture definitely surprised them!

(The "Mano Po" Cast - Malaysian Sequel) LOL

After our set, we just mingled with them. When all of them already went back home, the 3 of us went to Concorde. And yes, again, they asked me to sing! Shucks! Can I ever go to Concorde and relax after working for once?!? Maybe if I come unidentified. And being unidentified means having my hair shaven. Which hair it is will be up to you and your silly imagination. LOL.

We finished the night off with a light supper of Mee Sedap. Of course, check mails and check for any signs if Shangri-La Resident a.k.a. Resident Evil or Chickened Hater is lurking around on my website. And yes is the answer! Bloody coward! Hahahaha!

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