What they want is what they get

I have a few friends from the royal families here in Malaysia. I have met some and mingled with few of them on some occasions. The Queen (of Malaysia) herself would even get me to sing in her functions with my band as late as 3AM. Or sometimes would ask me to go to the Royal Suite on one of the afternoons when she's having "tea with the ladies" to teach them line-dancing. And I always admire her for being so down to earth and so approachable and kind.

Tonight, a group of royalties came on the second half of our last set. One of them was having her birthday and wanted her friend to sing a song for her. She didn't accept the house rule that we're not allowed to have guest singers. During our last song, I went down the stage and went to their table, I asked them nicely what song they'd like to sing. We don't have male version of La Vie En Rose which they requested so I presumed that they'd give up. I went back to the stage, just in time to play our outro for goodnight&goodbye. So after the set, while Marl and Jan was packing up, I was asked by one of the staff to talk to the "royalty table" and so I did. I was offended with the way the Princess was talking to me. She didn't understand that we didn't have the song. She told me I should have taken the initiative to at least let her friend go up the stage and insisted that they are "very important guests of the hotel" which I have no doubt about. I tried to be polite in any way I could, but she kept on scolding me. She even told me in sharp key, "okay, you don't know the song, but you should have asked the band when you went onstage because you're just a singer and the band might know the song". To which I politely answered with a smirk on my face, "ma'm, I may be the singer of the group but I am also the leader and I think I know the 1600 songs in our repertoire, therefore I'd know at first instance if a song is not part of our repertoire". But she still had her brat ways, trying to embarrass me infront of her VIP guests, who seemed more embarrassed with the way she was acting. I was pulled by one of them and told me better to let him sing to end the drama. So we switched on everything again, took out the computer and sound module and opened the lights and let him sing just a song. Luckily he's a great singer, worth all the trouble.

I know the dillemma won't be ending right here and right now. I know it will be an issue soon and I'm prepared to answer all the questions the management would be asking. One thing is for sure, if I'd be a royalty someday, I'd treat people with more respect than what they deserve. And the world will be a better place to live in. Anyway, I may not be born with a silver spoon on my mouth, but I'm a naturally born "little princess".


Anonymous said...

there yah go lil princess.

Anonymous said...

Aawww sis ritzz, i felt so sorry for what you had gone thru that night. how disgrace of this so-called m'sia princess to m'sian? my god! anyway u will always be the apple to my eyes. oppsss sorry i dont like fruits. how about a lil princessy to me? hahahahahaha cheers up girl!

Anonymous said...

i don't dare to leave my name for my previous comment. i scare the spoilt brat will command to chop my head according to the royal rules. wahahaha... but u do know who i am. hehehehehehe