Raya eve & day

It was our off yesterday, Monday. Nothing much happened and didn't go anywhere during the daytime. No, actually I went to the poolside to get some sun. It's been hazy since we arrived here in KL and my real semi-fair skin is coming back uninvitedly. Lots of people appreciate my semi-tanned skin and I do admit that it's true. Especially with the hair color that I have now. So I went to the poolside and tried to get some sun because the weather was good. But 5 minutes after lying under the sun, clouds gather up and covered Mr. Sun, to my dismay. 10 minutes after, it started to drizzle. So I've got no choice but to go back to the room.

We were invited by an old friend for dinner. Since Marl had to work at night, Jan and I joined JP for a Chinese dinner in Bangsar. Afterwards, we proceeded to Sheraton Imperial Hotel to listen to the Indonesian band which really impressed me amazingly. Their harmony is tight and they have beautiful voices. Thumbs up to Indonesian musicians everywhere!!! Went back to the hotelat 10:30PM.

Mira, Abang Jamal's eldest daughter, came to pick us up. We slept over in their house in Subang to celebrate Hari Raya today. Because I'm not used to sleeping over, I didn't sleep continuously. When the owners of the hous woke up at 7AM and started walking around the house as early as 9AM, it got difficult for me to go back to sleep and finally got up at 10AM.

We spent the whole afternoon eating and talking with the other visitors we know - Nanay Susana, Jeffrey and the Shangri-La Lobby Lounge staff. In fact, from lack of sleep and too much talking and laughing, I lost my voice. I had a hard time hitting the high notes during our set. It was a bit busy for a Raya night though most of the guests were hotel guests and local Chinese. It was definitely a good Hari Raya this year.

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