Great weekend

It's our 2nd weekend here in KL since we arrived and it was absolutely great. Eventhough it was a bit quiet or "normal" during weekdays, the lounge was once again full-packed. Lots of familiar faces and regular guests showed up. Staff asked me not to "shake" too much because they're too tired running about for the guests' orders. They said they haven't seen the lounge to be that busy for a few months when we were gone. Oops, I didn't say that, they did. The previous band members are good friends of ours, especially Edlyn. But she herself has witnessed that the lounge was incredibly full.

Malaysian Idol Jaclyn Victor was one of our guests last night (Friday). It was a pleasure indeed to finally meet her. She's down to earth but has a "streak" of superstardom in her manners. But we finally got her to sing "If I Ain't Got You" on our 2nd set, eventhough we're not allowed to let guests sing. I was left in awe after she sang. She has one of the purest voices I've heard on live performance, definitely deserving to be the 1st Malaysian Idol. After she sang, I announced that I don't want to sing anymore after hearing her therefore Marl just played something we could dance and grind with! Hahaha!

Hope that it will continue eventhough it's Ramadhan season. Hari Raya and Deepavali are coming soon so for sure the business at the lounge will be even better.

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