A day with Nanay Susana

Jan and I were supposed to go with Mama Siah to the salon today but was cancelled at the last minute. So tried to go back to bed but couldn't sleep anymore, so I read my book "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" but couldn't absorb what I was reading. Maybe lots of things are screaming in my mind in contrast to what the book is saying. Hehehe!

So I just texted Nanay Susana who just came back from her trip in Indonesia. She invited to treat me for a belated birthday shopping in KLCC so I got up hurriedly - with an excitement that doesn't need a strong coffee to perk me up! But of course, I still made myself an instant coffee, can't start the day without it.

Nanay Susana and I went to KLCC and had a special Char Kway Teow in a restaurant called Little Penang Cafe. The noodles were done in a special way and it's really good. After having our tummies filles, we went to Isetan department store. There were lots of people because Hari Raya & Deepavali are just around the corner. Nanay Susana has a bunch of vouchers to spend and so since we both love cosmetics, we went to the cosmetic department and went to her favorite brand - Shiseido. We spent about an hour there because I also had a free makeover. She bought me a new lipstick & gave me the free bag that came with the Shiseido purchase. Yipee! Later on, the salesgirl finally convinced her to register as a member of Isetan. I was given a supplementary card with my name written as Ms. Sarita J. Carrean, not Carreon, but I accepted it anyway coz the queue was quite long. We then went to Sasa to buy some hair products then went back to the hotel.

Nanay Susana, for everyone's information, is our godmother during our wedding in HK and is Selena's godmother, too. She is from Indonesia but have lived in Malaysia for about 30 years I think. Marl and I met her 10 years ago in Burao Bay Resort in Langkawi (Malaysia) where we played for only 2 weeks. We didn't know that it was an acquaintance to last for a lifetime. She's one of the people I'm really close with and I look up to her just like my mom. I believe that she's one of the supermoms I've met. She's very supportive with her kids: Linty, Fei and especially Joe, who was already a fulfilled composer/musician/artiste at the very young age of 16 (he's 18 now, I think). I used to call her Aunty Susana but named her Nanay instead, because she's a mom you would dream to have. Thanks Nanay for a fun day and the goodies! Hehehe!


Anonymous said...

sis ritzz, i think u r like my mummy susana's dream daughter more than i do. both of u share the same interest which i'm not even be bother to do. u can have her when it comes to shopping and comestic makeover or hairdo. she see u more than seeing me. please give her back to me when i got baby yah. i need her to baby sit for me and no more baby sitting selena but she welcome to babysit for me though. hehehehehe... regards to selena dan datuk marl...

~*.*~ SaRiTa ~*.*~ said...

Sis linty... I know that my family is already part of your family and it's vice versa. But if you want Selena to babysit your baby, talk to the mother for monetary negotiations! Hehehe! Regards to eric too! take care sis, love yah!