Good week

It's been a great week at the lobby. Last Wednesday, the Lobby Lounge was able to have one of the highest sales in one night. Thanks to the Standard Chartered guys who have stayed in the hotel for the whole week. Even on that night, we were enticed to wear something green dress with a blue accent on the chest, because the CEO and Managing Director of the Standard Chartered asked us to. Actually he tempted us by saying he'd pay for our dresses. And so he did. Poor fella.

Yesterday was Deepavali. The streets were quiet, KL city became a ghost town for a while. Apparently, Marl let me use his Canon EOS 300D for my photography stuff and so we went to KLCC to do my first trial shots there. Will share them to you soon. Even though the streets were quiet, the mall was full. Especially of Indians who were celebrating Deepavali. For a moment, KLCC became Little India. We saw a bunch of Indian guys, don't know where they came from, but I felt sorry for them. They were queuing up for the escalator and carefully stepping on it. I guess it's their first time, or maybe not, to use an escalator. I was guessing, maybe they're from far away kampungs or small villages where malls still don't have escalators. At first it was funny, but after a second or two, I realized that it wasn't really a joke and I felt so bad thinking it was funny at first. While Marl went to Starbucks on the 3rd Level to have his coffee - correction, my coffee and his internet, Jan and I strolled around until we found the small Deeparaya stalls on the Concourse level. There's this one Henna Tattoo shop which I've been eyeing for a week now. Finally, there's a reason for me to try it - it's Deepavali! I queued while Jan helped me with my stuff and chose a design from the catalogues they have there. And with just RM 20, I had myself henna tattooed hands. Only mistake I had was choosing a lighter color and removing the henna 30 minutes after. It's lighter than I expected, making it look like I got stuck in a steel gate with rust! But at least, I've tried it and it matched the blouse I was wearing, hahaha! Now I have to endure having "rusty" hands for a few days until it fades.

It's been a great Saturday at the lounge eventhough most of the local people go balik kampung to their respective provinces, cities, or villages. We still had majority of locals amazingly. Even JP was back in circulation with his Mongolian girlfriends. Lucky fella. We are expecting the lounge to be more quiet by tomorrow and the next days as Hari Raya sets in on Tuesday. Hopefully business will rebound after Hari Raya.

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