Becoming an aficionado

See the happy smile on my just-got-up face when Marl told me he's passing his passion on photography to me? And by that, he meant, I could use his Canon EOS 300D. Take note, use. It's like waking up on Xmas day finding a broken yet yummy candystick in my Xmas stocking. And that smile, it looks like a smirk but it's actually a genuine and sincere winked-smile like this ;-) but only with an opposite eye. LOL.

But I think I have to work on my photographer's pose. I have perfected my self portraits from using my Canon Ixus 750 for a year now that I look so awkward looking through the viewfinder of a 300D. Or maybe I should make a customized camera for me. Something that can show my face while I look through the viewfinder. Or maybe just make it transparent. Or maybe my face is just too small for a big camera like that? Probably I should eat a lot more so that my face will be bigger than the camera itself? Hmmm... good idea, saves all the trouble for Canon!

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