Congrats Dev!

One of the best things in life is to feel real happiness over somebody's happiness. Just like for my friend, Dev, who just got engaged to his sweetheart W.M., recently. He's one of my self-confessed blog readers (LOL) and so I know he'll able to read this.

I've known Dev for almost a decade now. Met him in Concorde, he'd always watch our band almost every day that I'd wonder what happened to him if he doesn't show up in a day. No, I'm just exaggerrating. He's been a very good friend of ours and has kept in touch with him all through these years. I remember he takes a lot of out photos during performance and he'd give them out to us for souvenir. And I must say, the best pictures ever taken of me in Concorde were taken by him. Like the one on the right. Dev, I sincerely congratulate you and hope we can be part of your big day next year. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

huwaw!!!!! geneva is that you? :P hehehehe...naalala ko concordian days natin saring..hehehe..stay pretty sis!!

Anonymous said...

wow sis, i do recall that style of yours. is that means we known each other almost a decade now? miss u babe and of course miss datuk marlou too. hehehe