Lazy bum

It was raining when I woke up so got really lazy to even get up from my couch. I'm really a computer freak. Once I set my hands on my laptop, only real emergencies make me budge from my throne. Real emergencies like peeing. Or stretching or yawning. Yeah, that's one of the real emergencies. LOL.

I don't surf most of the time. Usually, I'd listen to some of my newly downloaded files or listen to the songs we have to practice. I also surf and find lyrics not only for myself, but for Jan and Marl as well. I edit the lyrics before giving it out to them. I'd check my websites for new entries on my guestbook, band's guestbook, shoutout box, and PBase comments. Then of course, I'd check mails which are 90% spam by the way. I'd reply to some of the real mails. Then I'd check my chat clients for any offline messages. I'd text some friends and Selena from my Chikka messenger. Then I'd blog. Then the rest of my online time would be like click here and yawn there.

Speaking of yawning... I just yawned. It's true that yawning is contagious, but I didn't know that even just writing the word "yawn" can make you do it. Wow! Hmmm... I feel like sleeping early. It's Sunday and I just want to have a lazy day maybe. It will be Monday soon anyway.

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wmw said...

Mmm....after reading this post, it's time to go to bed. Yawn! Hee hee...