Simply unpredictable

The weather's been unpredictable during the past few days. Although it's the monsoon season in the northern part of the Philippines, we'd also get some heavy rains & strong winds here in Cebu.

In fact, we have planned our island hopping this coming Sunday for Marl's birthday. We have made the guest list, invited some friends & relatives. In fact, it's such a great bonus that Selena will be coming back to Cebu on Friday, with my mom, for Marl's birthday. Finalized everything but sadly, we had to cancel it because of the unpredictable weather. A lot of them backed out, they're afraid of being in the sea on a pump boat with strong winds and not-so-big waves. So maybe we'll just have something special this weekend.

Although not yet confirmed, we were also told that we might perform this Sunday & switch our day off on this coming Friday instead. Not very excited about it because we won't be able to have a night out on that night. But I'm equally excited because my unica hija will be coming to visit us! Yipee!

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