I felt so guilty leaving the cyberspace for a while. Sorry about that. One reason was I couldn't access the wireless internet from the room anymore. They might have detected my "intrusion". Welll at least, I didn't care to hack them! (As if I know how to hack! LOL!)... Well, not really an intrusion, but I’d rather put it as - cyber climbing. You know how social climbers use people, right? Well I can call myself as a CYBER CLIMBER... oohhh, what a new word!

Another reason was because my princessette & queen motherette arrived in Cebu last Friday for Marlou's 36th birthday on Aug 12.

It was a special affair although we didn't have anything special prepared. It's the 1st time for Marlou to celebrate his birthday in Cebu with his family and close friends after 15 years! It's also the 1st time for Selena to celebrate her dad's birthday - ever! Remember when I told about the plans of island hopping on Marlou's birthday? Well it didn’t push through because of the bad weather. What we did last Saturday was unexpected. Marlou phoned his brother Leo to buy some lechon manok (roasted chicken) & lechon baboy (roasted pork) for lunch. Our house in Talisay is just 10 minutes away by drive from the beach resorts there. So we then decided to get a cottage on the beach, despite the bad weather & high tide waters, and we did our little salo-salo or get-together with Marlou's family. It was a fun lunch made exciting by the large waves that reached our cottage & the occasional rain, too. It's special in a way because it was the 1st time for them to meet my mom, who really enjoyed the kind of setting we had for lunch.

I guess I forgot to mention that we had an off last Friday because there was an affair of the DFA going on at the Lobby Lounge wherein Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was the special guest in Shangri-La Mactan. They had their own entertainment (band, singers & cultural dancers) & so we were asked not to play. But instead of having an off on Sunday (yesterday), they switched to last Friday, so we did play yesterday. On Saturday, after President Arroyo left, former President Fidel Ramos arrived in Shangri-La Mactan. It was indeed a very busy weekend for the hotel, full of the usual tourists, delegates & dignitaries from different countries.

It was a busy weekend, too. Being a mother, a daughter and a wife. my job was very hard, you know - letting my mom do the chores, letting Marlou drive the van & letting Selena bathe herself! It wasn't really easy sitting down & lying down at all! And I should know better because I do that almost everyday of my life! LOL

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