It was a pretty hectic day for me - and painful, too. Today was my follow-up checkup with my endocrinologist. I submitted my ultrasound report to her & she of course read it along with my laboratory report, two things I did last week when I last saw her. She said that aside from the thyroid nodules that were detected before from right lobe (whole right lobe) & left lobe (a small nodule) - they found out a suspicious third nodule on my left lobe. But the two nodules on my left thyroidal lobe are not palpable at all. So the doctor decided to aspirate from my right thyroidal lobe to lessen the size or bulge. The method was called fine needle biopsy and wasn't really painful at all. As you can see on the pic, I was still able to aim & shoot myself while lying on the bed. Even the doctor might have thought how vain I was. 4cc's of blood with a mixture of colloid substance was extracted from it.

The doctor, like the other doctors who have checked my thyroid in the past, asked me for the nth time to do a thyroidectomy. No, it's different from anatomy & astronomy! LOL... Let me get my medical dictionary... hmmm... there! Thyroidectomy is the surgical removal of the thyroid gland. And for nth time, I said I'll think about it. I know it's the only choice I have other than just letting it inhabit my neck & have the risk of a scary medical word - cancer. But singing is my livelihood so I hate the fact of having a knife cut my throat and having the risk to lose my voice forever. I know there's nothing much to lose in my voice anyway, but man, I don't want to sound like Macy Gray, Rod Stewart or Louis Armstrong. But on the other hand, I can still earn from being an impersonator! LOL... Seriously, I don't want to have it removed unless it's really bothering me aesthetically. But since it's not yet doing that, let's just shelve the thyroidectomy back into the medical dictionary together with its rhyming words!

PS: I'm not really sure you understood my story, but just carry on reading! LOL


lintyho said...

i do know what u r trying to explaint and i also can hear a lot of reasons u gave to yourself. but u know the best for yourself. and pls take good care and god bless u.

Anonymous said...

I also had the same procedure, I have one big nodule on the right side and one small nodule on the left side. My last biopsy result came negative and now I am waiting for my second biopsy. I don't have children and my doctor's advice is to have kids and take care of my thyroid. His reason is that my hormone levels are in range so I sholudn't distrub untill it gives me trouble.