After having an off on a Friday almost a week and a half ago, we're thankful that our bodies & voices can rest today. The past 9 days have been pretty hectic: Selena & my mom were in town, practising with our new singer, going for medical checkup and managing the small business we have.

I know I haven't told you about this small business but Marl and I sell beauty products from soaps & lotions to food supplements like Glutathione, which is selling like hot cakes to vain people like me! Glutathione is an anti-oxidant that cleanses the toxins in the liver. If taken in large doses, it has the only side effect known from using it, it whitens the skin. Glutathione is used by most celebrities who wish to have fairer skin. It's normal for Pinoys to wish for a fairer skin, as it is normal for the whites to have a tanner complexion.

We're in Talisay now, it's our off so just chilling out here. Been editing some photos so watch out for that. We'll be going back to the hotel later.

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