Within the premises

We've already checked out from our rooms before 12noon. And we have been here in the lobby lounge since then. Can't believe they still don't know where the hell to put us for 2 or 3 days! They said the Ocean Wing is not yet prepared, water doesn't even run in the pipes there. Maybe we'll go back to Crown Regency or maybe they'll just throw us out in the streets. And it's not like we're business travellers who have only one or two suitcases. We have a bunch of stuff!!! But yeah, we should have just left most of the unimportant stuff in our house in Talisay. And some of you might think, "who cares about your luggages?". Well, looks like we're going to suffer moving like this while in Mactan. So therefore, I must dispose some of the not-so-important stuff at home or maybe just feed them to the fishes in the ocean! #$%^&!!! Oh well, I'm talking nonsense here, guess it's the hunger working my brain up here! Sorry! Have to eat now...
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