Mr. A

Last night, I wrote the Dull Sunday entry on my blog. Well it really wasn't that dull. Because at 10PM, we went to chill out at the Cebu's peak point where you can see the whole of Cebu. Ok, not whole, maybe just Cebu. Or maybe just. Or maybe. Or.


So anyway, we went to Cebu's peak, passed by Marco Polo Hotel (formerly Cebu Plaza Hotel) to check out the hotel and proceeded to an outdoor restaurant called Mr. A. It's a chill-out place where you can just chill-out. Hahaha! Ang gulo! We went there with two of our lobby lounge staff, Lyn and Aubrey. Since it drizzled in the afternoon, it was so cold there and I regretted wearing my favorite khaki skirt and a tiny blouse. Just had some juice there and calamares while we chatted about anything until past 1AM.

We reached back to the hotel at 2AM and finished packing our stuff. I went to bed at 4AM.

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